Wedding Terms & Conditions

A provisional booking may be held for FOURTEEN DAYS, after which this booking will be released, failing written confirmation and deposit payment.


Our standard deposit is £450, which is non-refundable/ non transferable.


SEVEN DAYS prior to the Wedding Day we require 100% of your estimated total (based on package or food choices and number of guests).


Any extra costs occurred on the day will be payable on the day itself.


Cancellation Policy: The amount of money due in the case of a cancellation is outlined below:-

  • Between 60 and 89 days prior to event 25%
  • Between 30 and 59 days prior to event 50%
  • Between 10 and 29 days prior to event 75%
  • Less than 10 days prior to event 100%

The requested deposit is non refundable and non transferable at any stage of cancellation. Cancellations are not valid unless notice of cancellation is received in writing and confirmed verbally by either the bride or groom.


Minimum Numbers: Numbers must be advised to the Golf club at the time of booking. Numbers may be amended by 10% no more than 7 days prior to the wedding.


In the case where the client wants to add more than 10% of the original number stated the club will try to accommodate the new number, this will be confirmed no later than 7 days prior to the wedding. Final Numbers:


Final numbers must be given no later than 7 days prior to your Wedding.


This represents the numbers used in calculating your final account.


Final Arrangements: Confirmation of final arrangements, including menus and all special requirements, must be confirmed to the golf club at least 14 DAYS prior to the date of your Wedding.


Choice Menu: A charge of £2.50 per person will be charged when a second main course choice is to be offered, in this case, all menu choices must be confirmed 14 days prior to wedding day. Amendments or Cancellation by Temple Golf club: Should the club, for reasons BEYOND ITS CONTROL, need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer an alternative choice of facilities. The club may cancel the booking if:

  1. The booking may, in the opinion of the club, prejudice the reputation of the club
  2. If scheduled payments are not received by the club by the agreed date.

Prices: All prices are correct at time of going to print and inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. No other wedding will occur on your wedding day in the golf club. The club reserves the right to approve any external entertainment or activities, which have been arranged and cannot accept liability for any loss on costs. The club will supply all food and beverage.


The client shall be responsible for any damage caused to the allocated rooms or the furnishing utensils and equipment, surrounding grounds or accommodation rooms, therein by an act, default or neglect of the customer, sub-contractor or guest of the client, and shall pay to the club on demand the amount required to fix or replace such damage.


The Club reserves the right to evict any persons attending the wedding who behave in any way considered to be detrimental, offensive, or contrary to normal expected standards of behaviour.


If your guests continue to be troublesome after being asked to leave, you, the contract holders, will be responsible for any damage caused, and we reserve the right to terminate your stay. Should this occur, no monies will be refunded to you. The Manager’s decision is final.

Restaurant Opening Hours:

Monday:   Closed
Tuesday:   12pm-9pm
Wednesday: Bistro 12pm-9pm
Thursday: Bistro 12pm-9pm
  Meal Deal 5pm-9pm
Friday: Bistro 12pm-5pm
  Meal Deal 5pm-9pm
Saturday: Bistro 12pm-7pm
  À la carte 7pm-9pm
Sunday: Lunch 12pm-5pm
  High Tea 5pm-8pm

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